Former Schools Out hosts launch the Feedback Loop on 2BOB Radio

A mysterious duo known only as The Girls have honed their skills as hosts of 2BOB’s Schools Out show before starting their own program called the Feedback Loop. It is heard from 4pm Tuesdays on 2BOB and is repeated on SYN radio in Melbourne each week.

Recently, The Girls have been filling in for the Friday Drive’N’Home show, presenting an eclectic take on 2BOB’s library and modern music in general. The Girls, who prefer to be known as Thing One and Thing Two, took some time to have a chat with Chuck Nuggetts about their experience at 2BOB.

Thing One has grown up in the Manning while Thing Two arrived in the area eight years ago. On what inspired their journey at 2BOB, “Thing One had an interest in radio and someone directed her towards 2BOB, after doing it by herself for a little while she thought it might be more fun with a friend so she asked Thing Two if she would like to do it as well, she said yes and we’ve been doing it since, which has been over a year.”

The Girls have had a lifelong love of music, finding it difficult to name a favourite artist.

“Our favourites are always changing, we do play a lot of pop/punk bands though, but we pretty much like anything (except country for Thing One).”

As for a favourite album of 2017, Thing Two loved ‘Gone Now’, the sophomore release of New Yorkers The Bleachers and anything by Good Charlotte. Thing One prefers Danish rock band New Politics, especially their 2013 album ‘A Bad Girl In Harlem’.

As to whether they will embark on a career in radio, The Girls are ambivalent, preferring to just “roll with it for now and see what happens.”

Listeners can catch The Girls on the Friday Drive’N’Home show or their regular Tuesday program The Feedback Loop at 4pm on 104.7FM or stream it live on the net.

Meanwhile, 2BOB is on the lookout for a new sponsorship salesperson.

The commission based position will provide the right person looking to work and gain experience in a worthwhile community organisation. 

2BOB offers a dynamic and unique working environment within an independent media cooperative to assist the successful applicant to effectively connect our local small business community to their community radio station.