Manning weather forecast

A storm building over Taree on Monday afternoon.
A storm building over Taree on Monday afternoon.

The Manning is in for another warm day on Tuesday, January 9.

A top of 36 degrees Celsius is predicted with a high chance of showers in the afternoon and evening.

Afternoon showers and a thunderstorm are also predicted for the afternoon today Monday.

Light winds will becoming east to northeasterly 20 to 30kph in the afternoon.

Wednesday will be cloudy and cooler with a top of 25 degrees. There is a high chance of showers and a thunderstorm, most likely in the morning and afternoon. Winds will be light from the south, 15 to 20kph during the day then becoming light during the afternoon.

Cloudy days and showers are forecast for the remainder of the week with the temperature gradually climbing to 27 degrees on Thursday, 29 on Friday and 33 on Saturday.