Great time to fish in the Manning

The Manning is fishing very well at the present time.

Bream and flathead are being taken from the wall, Manning Point spur and up stream near Harrigans Pub. The bream are further up the river and can be caught right up to Wingham.

Luderick are taking green weed during the day from the river wall and also on the Manning Point side near the swimming pool.

Some nice whiting have been landed from the spit on fresh yabby bait.

Jewfish will be back in the river with the full moon next Tuesday.

The beaches have not fished well with no tailor appearing yet.

The rocks at Crowdy Head are producing drummer to two kilograms on prawns.

Some of the females have yet to spawn. They are five months late.

The Northern grounds are producing great snapper to five kilograms and a few trag as well. 

Some bonito have been caught on lures but they are not yet around in force.