Essential Energy warn about sagging power lines in heat

With extreme temperatures on the radar this summer, Essential Energy is reminding the public to stay alert when working near the electricity network as heat can alter the height of overhead power lines.

Regional manager North Coast, Brendon Neyland said while power lines were designed for the climatic conditions, weather extremes could have an impact and he urged people to look up and live.

“Machinery operators, construction workers and tradespeople should be aware that prolonged heat can cause power lines to sag significantly and reduce line clearance heights from the ground,” Mr Neyland said.

Essential Energy recommends keeping a three metre clearance between power lines and machinery when working near the electricity network and monitoring throughout the day for changes in conditions.

“In regional NSW many power lines are strung across long spans and these can be more susceptible to sway in high winds,” Mr Neyland added.

“If overhead power lines appear to be damaged, sagging or have fallen to the ground, keep a minimum eight metres clear and contact Essential Energy immediately on 13 20 80.

“Remember that electricity can arc to nearby objects and keep your distance from anything that may be in contact with the power line, such as fences or trees, as they can serve as conductors.”

Essential Energy crews regularly inspect the electricity network to ensure it is in sound working order and power line safety clearances are maintained.

For further electrical safety information, visit or call 13 23 91.