MidCoast Council responds to a complaint that three dogs had been euthanised

The Manning River Times received a complaint that three “healthy” dogs had been euthanised at the MidCoast Council pound.

One of the dogs had been surrendered and the other two had served their time. “None were saved from a rescue because Taree Pound does not work with any rescues,” the complainant said.

The Manning River Times sought comment from MidCoast Council.

John Cavanagh, MidCoast Council’s manager of waste health and regulatory services, confirmed the dogs were euthanised at Taree pound this week.

Council’s normal process was followed, he said.

One of the dogs had been involved in three attacks and was not able to be released.

One was given up by its owner and had been kept in the pound three weeks. Council is only required to hold dogs for seven days when registered.

One was in retained for 18 days and remained unclaimed.

“We encourage registered welfare and rehoming groups to assist by rehoming dogs that are suitable for that purpose,” Mr Cavanagh said.

“A local rehoming agency had visited the pound daily and is organising homes for another three dogs currently in the pound.”

“Christmas is historically not a good time for the pound as at times we end up with discarded animals that were presents,” he said.