Letter: Not a nightmare – in the end

It was almost a nightmare. Sunday afternoon crossing our beautiful bridge and my car splutters to a halt midway. Traffic everywhere, and I'm blocking the bridge. What to do?

As I direct traffic around my stricken vehicle a voice from a passing car asks: "Can I get you anything?". 

"Fuel" was my desperate reply.

Time passes and not one driver sounds their horn impatiently or sends an abusive jibe my way. All are patient and empathetic.

Then, out of nowhere roars a heavy duty four wheel drive, nosing up to my stranded car. 

"I'll tow you off the bridge," says an ex-student of mine - Michael D.

In no time, while I continue to direct traffic, our cars are strapped together. Michael finds reverse gear and I am soon off the bridge, traffic flowing again. Phew!

While Michael unstraps the cars another pulls up behind my vehicle. Out jumps a fine looking young man with a can of fuel. Struggling for suitable words I pour the petrol. As I try to part with some dollars in recompense the young fella suggests I talk to mum who jumps out of the car.

Mum is adamant she will not accept anything. You see, she and her son had been on the receiving end of a favour at One Mile Beach earlier in the day and the opportunity to assist a stricken driver marooned on Forster Bridge was their chance to 'pay forward'.

Two Good Samaritans in one day!  My heartfelt thanks to Mike and the anonymous lady and her son. Nightmare avoided. Gotta love this town.

Steve Craig,