Many good deeds done and rewards reaped

Here’s a story recalled on the Facebook page “You’re from TAREE if...”

Must say faith has been restored in this day and age.

Yesterday my ageing father went to his local bank to with draw his shopping money and on way home on his scooter lost his wallet. Was most upset only to go to his mail box this morning and find someone had placed his found wallet with all his money and cards still inside. Whoever this was, thank you for making an old man’s early Christmas. 

Better and brighter…

And another one...

I found a purse about 20 years ago. It had no identification in it so I informed a nearby main shop from where I found it, that if anyone came looking for it I was taking to the Taree police station. Turned out belonging to a very sweet old lady. Police rang me, she insisted on meeting with me. She invited me over for lunch, we sought of clicked, and stayed in contact for many years before her death. I didn't expect any kind of reward, the reward I had was getting to know someone cool and listened to the stories of her growing up and life from bygone days.

The Manning River Times thanks Frank and Bert for sharing