Outstanding HSC results for St Clare’s students

The St Clare’s High School cohort was rewarded with 158 Band 5 and Band 6 grades with outstanding results in English, Mathematics, Physics, Food Technology, Industrial Technology and Music.

“Congratulations to our HSC class of 2017 on their excellent results which are a fitting reflection of their efforts and dedication to their studies,” principal Peter Nicholls said.

“I particularly want to thank our staff for their excellent teaching and our parents for the fine support that they have given their sons and daughters and the school over the past six years. We are proud of our students, staff and the St Clare’s tradition of achievement in the HSC.

“The 2017 HSC Examination results have, again, been very rewarding for St Clare’s High School students.

“For St Clare’s, this year saw the highest number of students (106) to sit the HSC; the highest number of indigenous student graduates; the highest number of students with disabilities to graduate, and the highest number of apprenticeships offered.”

Eliza Williamson received an offer of E12 early entry program for Sydney University.

In Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), Sarah Early (Drama), and Nirian Boelling-McDougall (Music) were nominated for OnSTAGE and Encore, the performance extravaganzas of the best HSC practical presentations from across the State.  

For the 106 students in the Class of 2017, there were more than 250 early entry offers to university. Most of the students who wish to attend university have decided to accept one of their offers.

According to the limited contact the school has had with students today, the student who is our 2017 Dux is Sophie Wood with an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 94.90. She is hoping to study Physiotherapy at Newcastle University.

Top ATARs of which the school is aware at the time of media release:

Sophie Wood, 94.90, Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Newcastle

Michael O'Dwyer, 94.35, Bachelor of Business/Law at University of Technology Sydney

Thomas Dayoub, 92.00, Bachelor of Business/Law or Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Studies at University of Technology Sydney

Sid Joon, 91.7, Not available

Thomas Hallot , 90.90, Bachelor of Medical Science at University of New South Wales

Noah Jones, 87.45, Bachelor of Economics at University of Sydney or Newcastle

Eliza Williamson, 88.30, Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) at University of Sydney

Sarah Ward,  87.20, Bachelor of Health Science at Australian National University

Maddison Hayes, 86.35, Bachelor of Art/Bachelor of Advanced Studies at University of Sydney

Ruby Brown, 85.00, Not Available

Sarah Chalmers, 84.80, Bachelor of Physiotherapy at University of Newcastle or Bachelor of Industrial Design at University of New South Wales

Kylie Neilson, 83.85,  Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation & Ecotourism at Charles Sturt University

Rebekah Cooper, 83.75, Bachelor of International Studies or Bachelor of Ancient History at  Macquarie University

Martin Zeng, 82.05, Bachelor of Business at Macquarie University

Eleanor O’Neill, 80.55, Bachelor of Psychology at University of Newcastle

Nirian Boelling-McDougall, 80.50, Conservatorium of Music at University of Sydney

“I am proud to say that the vast majority of our HSC cohort has achieved results which will enable them to pursue their post secondary school goals,” Mr Nicholls said.