Cundletown Public School's 2018 leader elections contested by 34 students

Cundletown Public School captains for 2018, Will and Sienna
Cundletown Public School captains for 2018, Will and Sienna

The election of Cundletown Public School’s student leaders for 2018 was “definitely an absolute highlight of 2017” for relieving principal, Jenny Cohen.

Thirty four students nominated to run for a leadership position.

“All 34 students presented an election speech to the whole school, staff and parents. These speeches and the students’ presence on stage was outstanding,” Ms Cohen said.

“They were indeed a representation of all we look for in future leaders. In fact the presentations were the best that I have seen in over 30 years of teaching.

“Over the past three years all our class programs K-6 have focused on promoting confidence in students’ ability to speak in front of peers and audiences, as part of Strategic Direction Three —Leadership.

“We have explicitly planned for the integration of the English strand, Talking and Listening as an integral part of all learning programs, across all KLAs.”

Ms Cohan said it was so good to see the significant impact that this initiative has had on the year five students.

“My sincere congratulations to each and every student. Although we can only elect 14 school leaders, we have another 24 students in 2018’s years six who will be great leaders in our school.

“What a fabulous cohort of students.”

Ms Cohen announced that Cundletown Public School will have a new principal commencing in 2018.

Mr Nigel Sherrard has been appointed to this position.

Ms Cohen said Mr Sherrard is currently principal of Tinonee PS. “As a school staff, we are really excited to welcome Nigel to our school and we are looking forward to working with him as he leads our school into the future. I believe that he will be an inspirational leader who will have a very positive impact on what is already a great school.”