Letter: Container deposit scheme – we want our money back

Regarding the container deposit scheme, there is a depot in our area where we can return eligible containers and receive our 10 cent refund.

The depot is open for this purpose Monday, Tuesday and Sunday mornings from 9.30am and Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons from 12.30.

Towns without depots include Gloucester, Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Armidale and Tamworth. 

For those who want to see for themselves what a joke on country people this scheme is, put www.returnandearn.org.au in your search engine and you get a map of NSW showing where depots currently are – or should that be aren’t?

The lucky people living in Taree only have to travel about 30 kilometres to Tuncurry, to 12 Dee Crescent which is off Grey Gum Road. Our local MP Stephen Bromhead advises that a reverse vending machine will also be installed near Woolworths Stocklands in Forster and these do not dispense cash.

Are we going to put up with this nonsense? Perhaps we can organise a WWOMBAT day by Christmas. By WWOMBAT I mean We Want Our Money BAck Thanks.

If we vote for this Sydney centric, stadium-demolishing excuse for a government and itsnlocal branch the National Party, we deserve what we get. This recycling scheme should be postponed until the government works out a way to give country people a fair go.

Bob Roobottom