Old Bar Public School awards 2017

Harrison Tainton, Old Bar Public School Dux of 2017.
Harrison Tainton, Old Bar Public School Dux of 2017.

Old Bar Public School principal, Deborah Scanes had time to reflect lately on the activities and programs that the school has engaged in over the past 12 months.

“And can understand why the teachers are looking just a little tired,” she said in the school newsletter.

“There have been so many great things happening in the school, affording our students a variety of rich, extracurricular activities as well as engaging learning opportunities. I am so proud of my staff, our students and of the families that make this a great school.”

The school’s presentation day on Monday, December 11 was an opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge another great year of learning and growing.


Library Awards – Best borrowers: Eva Samson – K/1S; Beth Harris – 1H

Library Awards – Application and Effort: Hayley McGuire – K/1S; Thom Paterson – 1C

Year One Handwriting  Award: Ethan Kemp – 1M

Year One Reading Encouragement Awards: Taj Hatton – 1H; Tahlea Van-Kampen – 1C

Year One Reading Encouragement Awards: Baily Walsh – 2T; Eden Harrison – 2R

Irlen  Encouragement Award: Daniel Knowles – 2R

Creative and Performing Arts Award: James Green – 2T

Karin Brown leadership Award: Year One, Jessica Uwland – 1H; Year Two, Taylor Brown – 2T

School Ambassador Award: Lily Miller – 2T

John Harwin Respect Award: Ryan Lees – K/1S


P&C Staff Gratitude award: Mr Kai Barnes

Sportsperson of the Year: Kaytlin Langeberg, Asha Paff and Jack Stone.                                                                     

The Hunter Area Sports Representative Award: Hannah Davies.

The winner of the Premiers’ Sporting Challenge medal: Fletcher Hills.

Ron Denley Spirit of the Game Award: Rosie Miller

The Environmental Award: Caleb Mitchell.

The Creative and Performing Arts Award: Ava Best.

The Marieke Dan Memorial Music Award: Annika Doolan.

The Year 6 FAB Art Scholarships: Jae Pollock and Samuel Demery-Taylor.

Consistent Achievement Awards for 2017: Silas Taaffe and Kaytlin Langeberg.

Denise Straub Encouragement Award is: Connor McLean.

P and C Respect Award: Ethan McGilvray and Arran Logan.

The School Ambassador Award:  Hannah Davies.

Stage 2 Leadership Award has been awarded to: Toby Marteene.

Stage 3 Leadership Award: Jack Stone and Will Lyons.

Endeavour and Achieve Shield: Asha Paff.

Citizenship Shield: Jett Sheridan.

Dux: Harrison Tainton.

School leaders

2018 School Captains: Allee Silvester and Tim Clare

2018 Vice Captains: Ffion Davy and Logan Simpson

2018 School Leadership Team: Pia Anker, Charlee Blanch, Taya Hawke, Ellie Witchard, Harley Clarke, Jesse Cutler, Jackson Devaney, Wil Hellstedt