Taree High School students participate in Ability Links NSW program

Year 10 students from Taree High School took part in a Sports Ability program at Saxby’s Stadium on Wednesday, December 6.

The purpose of the program, run by organisation Ability Links NSW, was to give students an experience of participating in activities from the perspective of a person with a disability.

They played wheelchair basketball, Jenga (with their eyes closed) and cornhole (while standing on one leg and throwing with their non-dominant arm). 

Taree High School youth outreach worker Briony Stockdale said the focus of the program was to give the message of social inclusion to students.

“We’re really excited to show our students what it can be like for people who have varying disabilities,” she said.

“We take our health and ability for granted sometimes so we hope to build empathy and inclusion in students.”

Ability Links NSW provides a supportive role for people with a disability who desire to fulfil goals in sport, education or volunteering.