St Joseph's Taree joins colour run for Catholic Mission fundraiser

“Happiness, family, community, sunshine and colour. What more could one ask for?”
“Happiness, family, community, sunshine and colour. What more could one ask for?”

Friday, December 1 was a massive day of colour and excitement for St Joseph’s Taree.

The school had its very first Dye Hard Colour Run for to raise funds for the Catholic Mission  - and what a day it was.

Year six students are the organisers of the school’s Catholic Mission Day every year. These activities vary from year to year, always with an exciting day for the school community to participate in and enjoy together.

But the colour run was a day to beat all days!

The day began with a school community celebration in the Sr Ellen Shanahan School Hall, marking the beginning of Advent. This celebration was run by year six students and reminded all of the wonder and awe of the divine birth of Jesus Christ. Advent is a time of hope, peace, love and joy which we often need to be reminded of leading up to Christmas.

At 12.50pm the year six students had prepared a mini-market and gaming room for guests to meander through. They had a sausage sizzle, cake stall, face painting, biscuit decorating, jewellery stall and X-Box gaming room.

Kathy Brown, who runs the school canteen, prepared an amazing array of rainbow treats for the community to purchase.

At 1.30pm the run began. Mr Hassett, one of the year six teachers, set up a series of obstacle challenges for the participants to navigate through while teachers were placed around the course at colour stations to throw colour at the runners.

The year six students began the run, followed by the rest of the school. Parents, past students and new comers filled the beautiful school grounds to participate.

“I can’t express the happiness and joy radiating from all who were involved,” Natasha Brotherton, the school’s religious education coordinator, said.

The participants ran all afternoon until the whole school and every individual inside the school gates were covered from head to toe with vibrant colour.

“I had to take a moment, and I literally only had a moment, to look up and witness the gloriousness of the day,” Natasha said..

“This event was planned to fundraise with the focus on wellbeing, community and family. The true success of the day was hearing students, parents and guests commenting on what a great day it was and how much fun everyone had.

“The smiles were radiating from the faces of everyone and my heart couldn’t have been more filled with joy.

“Happiness, family, community, sunshine and colour. What more could one ask for?”

The Dye Hard Colour Run was a fundraiser to support two charities, Catholic Mission, who work tirelessly for the vulnerable people in our world and the Sims Cambodia Project which is run by two Australian school teachers, Brian and Sue Morgan.

Brian and Sue retired from their teaching jobs in Newcastle and have been tirelessly doing some serious missionary work with the poorest of the poor in Cambodia. One of their major projects is to build a school.

As much money as possible will be sent to Brian and Sue to help this dream become a reality, Natasha said.

“Thank you to all those who participated and help fundraise for these two great causes.

“The day was just sensational. The liturgy was really simple and really important. The crowd was just amazing!

“What a great day, great sense of community, loads of smiling faces and the money raised will go towards making a difference in the lives of those who don’t have all that we enjoy each day.”