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Judge Rhonda, Jackson Gibbs,Tyson Haenschke and Maxine Gooch.
Judge Rhonda, Jackson Gibbs,Tyson Haenschke and Maxine Gooch.

Colour Me: let’s get together and make a difference

Year nine students Holly Towers, Anjoli Luxon, Tahlia Mancini, Heidi Buchanan, Jake Billinghurst, Sebastian Walker, Taylah Smith, Natasha Veith, Blair Hill-Mather, Joshua Howarth, Abby-Jo Banks and Dakota Edgerton worked together to encourage and raise awareness about respect.

They collaborated to organise and deliver a colour run for the students of Bulahdelah Central School.

They chose a colour run because people come in different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colours and each and every individual should be celebrated.

Many a weekend was spent making the colours, which involved mixing flour, water and food colouring followed by a lengthy drying and crushing process.

The colour run was held on the school oval and involved a sausage sizzle, photo sessions and an obstacle course.

Together the students raised $114.66 which will be donated to the Black Dog Institute to assist with youth mental health. 

Bulahdelah Central School year nine students.

Bulahdelah Central School year nine students.

School visit to Bulahdelah Show

Students and teaches attended the Bulahdelah Show and enjoyed connecting with the community.

The students and teachers arrived shortly after 9:00am, and found themselves helping out at the Australian Stock Horse, led and ridden events.

Students were educated on the different areas of judging, including temperament, physique of horse and rider, ages, height, progeny and action.

Jackson Gibbs, Tyson Haenschke and Harrison Hughes enjoyed sorting, selecting and handing out the ribbons for the judge.

The boys quickly became adept at understanding when the judge was ready for the ribbons to be brought forward. The boys’ etiquette around the horses and riders was impeccable.

The judge only indicated subtly when the boys needed to come forward with the ribbons and prizes, and they did not skip a beat.

What a wholesome opportunity to connect and develop positively with the support of our wonderful community. 

Harrison Hughes and teacher Micheala Sawtell.

Harrison Hughes and teacher Micheala Sawtell.

Bulahdelah Show students’ night 

On Wednesday, November 8, the students’ night for the Bulahdelah Show was held in the Mervyn Richards Pavilion.

Students from Bulahdelah Central, Tea Gardens, Coolongolook, Bungwahl and St Joseph’s Bulahdelah all competed in the art, creative writing and public speaking competitions.

Entries for the art and creative writing were chosen by each school and submitted earlier for judging.

First, second and third place winners in each section were presented with their awards on the night.

In line drawing stage one, first place was Clair Tufrey, and Salome Reitsma was highly commended.

In stage two, Sheena Lamborn was awarded first place, Mathaniel Reitsma got second, and Mia Bidwell was highly commended.

In stage three, Paulo Coelho was highly commended.

In the painting category, Zackery Moran came third in stage one, in stage two, Sheena Lamborn was highly commended and in stage three Charlise Luxon came third.

In the collage category, Banjo Edwards came first in early stage, Salome Reitsma came first in stage one, with Zackery Moran taking out second and Jack Murray third.

In stage two, Charlie Garemyn came second. In stage three, Izabell Read came first, Maggie Cunich came second and third place and highly commended went to Maddi Tassell.

In creative writing, Ruby Dibley came second in early stage, Jasper Gibbs came first in stage one, and Izabell Read came third in stage three.

In bush poetry, Blake Matheson came first in stage two and Grace Kiehne came first in stage three.