Frogs from the Manning and beyond: gallery

Backyard buddy: Photo by Toni Bell
Backyard buddy: Photo by Toni Bell

And here are some frog stories to go with our gallery.

Loretta Evans reports: “We have a big green frog somewhere, think its in the downpipe. One daughter picks him up and chases her sister with it. Mind you one’s 18 and the other 22. She calls it her prince.”

Matthew Beard has a one eyed frog that has been a regular in his backyard for at least a year. “I did not see it for a few months but it always comes back.”

Darren Gibbs didn’t have any photos to share but says he has at least ten big green tree frogs around the house , and a few little brown ones that hang out under the front porch light.

David Harris has green tree frogs and striped marsh frogs and also “snakes that love to freed on them”.