When can we expect our fair share of our own taxes back here?

Just last week the NSW Premier announced NSW taxpayers are to subsidise Sydney motorists to the tune of $100 million dollars to encourage them to use the gold plated Sydney freeways.

Thanks, Glad!

Not a word about what the regional areas outside the precious Sydney basin can expect in return.

Now she announces that $2 billion on demolishing two perfectly adequate sports stadiums in Sydney and rebuilding them to keep the NRL happy.

The arrogance of both these decisions defies belief. 

This government is obviously completely out of touch with the needs of regional NSW.

Regardless of one’s politics, who of us locally can honestly say that these are fair and sensible decisions?

The Sydney vortex that sucks so much money away from where it’s needed and raised must be stopped. It is beyond belief that we suffer from some of the worst maintained roads and schools in the State.

Taree hospital is approaching 70 years of age with a patch up program in place to placate the locals.

So Stephen Bromhead, money seems to be no object when it comes to keeping Sydney voters happy. e?

Stephen Ballantine

Green Point