Special delivery for Cundletown Museum

History: The photo of “F A Peters” (rear) and “Myrl” at Haden’s Wharf, 1941, which was sent to Cundletown Museum.
History: The photo of “F A Peters” (rear) and “Myrl” at Haden’s Wharf, 1941, which was sent to Cundletown Museum.

Cundletown and Lower Manning Historical Society (Cundletown Museum) recently received a package in the mail containing photos taken in the area. 

The package came from a deceased estate with the family feeling they wanted to send the photos on to someone who would appreciate them. 

Apparently, the deceased person had taken a trip around New South Wales sometime in the first half of the 1900s.

On opening the package members of the museum were pleasantly surprised to find among the photos one of two cream/milk boats. 

One was the “Myrl”, which museum records identified as being a Peters boat.  

The other was not known but after blowing up the images it was found to be the elusive “F A Peters” which was the first boat Peters Factory in Taree had purchased to collect the cream and milk.  

Previously they had hired private vessels for this task. 

Stories tell of this boat being too large for the river with the motor being too powerful, so the boat was only on the Manning for a short period. 

The full history of the vessel is still to be found but stories say she came from Sydney and returned to Sydney.

On researching the “Myrl” it was found she came to the Manning from Ballina in 1941 and had extensive alterations made to her by Haden’s Engineering. 

As the photo is taken at Haden’s wharf and the alterations can be seen, it was determined that the photo was taken in 1941.

This photo could not have come at a more opportune time as the museum members are busy researching to compile a book on The Cream Boats of The Manning.

The book is on both Peters and Lower Manning Dairy Co-op boats.

Should members of the public have photos of the boats or stories about them, the museum members would love to have a copy of the photo or hear the stories to fill in the human element of the book. 

To have your photos copied contact Margaret on 6553 9574 and she will arrange to copy them and return the originals to you on the same day.