Funky motoring facts with Brian Payne

For those of us old enough to have bought a new car back in those distant 1950s and 1960s, it was heady experience.

Compared to the present, where we are overloaded with an abundance of choices and marques to suit a wide variety of virtually any number of inclusions we elect to add on.

By today’s standards, cars of that era were pretty basic, and any hint of a little extra luxury or practicability was gonna cost you dearly.

“Options” of the day included such niceties as a heater, external rear view mirrors, crash padding on the dashboard are just a few of the luxuries that spring to mind.

Further up the list were such exotic enticements as power assisted brakes, power steering and in the creature comfort division, your wish list just had to seriously consider air conditioning.

So it was no surprise to learn that a healthy chunk of that nice salesman’s commission/salary package was in upselling and/or loading up your bread and butter choice with a few options.

So nothing new to see here folks!

However, a sceptic might consider that as we all got richer and moved up the food chain, such old fashioned practices might be a thing of the past.

Even that amazingly affordable $13,999 drive away, no more to pay, set of wheels, may have you caught up in a neat little spiral if you want any colour but white.

Naturally enough, the richer you get, it’s often disappointing to learn that the same basic formula still applies even in the rarefied exotic classes.

But I reckon the doozie of all extravagances, must go to that most august of a true gentleman’s conveyances, the current Bentley Bentayga.

Top option on the list for Sir’s list consideration is the very desirable Mullier Tourbillon, a snip at only $330,548.86.

For we folk a little further down the social ladder who may not know such things, it’s just a really nice clock!