Country vs city inequity in electricity charges

Member for Myall Lakes, Stephen Bromhead (National Party) is to be commended for taking action over fuel prices. However, when approached to address electricity charges, all is quiet.

We reside in an Essential Energy (country) area where our supply access charge (SAC) is $1.70 per day compared to Ausgrid's (city) 80 cents per day, twice as much. 

That is a significant difference, far greater than 15 cents per litre difference on fuel.

Four/fifths of NSW is in an Essential Energy area, that is owned by the NSW Government, raking in huge profits. When you think about it, why would they do anything to address this inequity?

John Barilaro, the Deputy Leader of NSW and Leader of the National Party, assured listeners on radio  in November 2017 that his intention was to address the inequality between country and city residents.

I contacted Mr Barilaro on two occasions regarding the inequity in the electricity SAC. At this stage, almost 12 months later, I have not received any reply.

Furthermore, I have contacted the Federal Minister for Energy Josh Frydenberg on this issue, with the same result. It's obvious that it is all lip service.

Mr Bromhead, your concern for Myall Lakes residents is touching. There is no need to call in the ACCC on this issue. If you and your leader Mr Barilaro are interested in fairness for country residents, this can be changed with the stroke of a pen.

John Alterator

Hawks Nest