Luca Saunders is a young talent on the rise

“I sing every day and everything under the sun,” says Luca Saunders.
“I sing every day and everything under the sun,” says Luca Saunders.

Music and singing is a way of life for Luca Saunders.

The 12-year-old from Wallabi Point has been singing for as long as she can remember, would like to get into theatre and is writing her own songs that she would one day like to record.

“I sing every day and everything under the sun,” she said.

Her natural talent impressed at a young age and she gave her first public performance in Old Bar Idol when she was six.

She took part in the talent quest over a few years and won her section twice overall.

Luca has been a regular performer at the Old Bar community Christmas carols and last year performed at the Carols in the Park in Taree (which she hopes to do again this year).

Her most recent performance was at Club Old Bar alongside other students of singing teacher Linda Murrant, who Luca started lessons with a few months ago.

She sang Adele’s Send My Love and Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy.

She said she is getting a lot out of her lessons.

“I’m really liking it and it’s helped me a lot. I’ve learnt how to hold my tongue when singing and how to belt without straining.”

Luca has twice been invited to perform with her dad, Andy, at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Bold as Brass: Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Benefit.

In her first year, when she was 10, the theme was Dolly Parton and they sang Coat Of Many Colours. This year’s theme was Split Enz where they performed I Got You.

“I loved my first year,” she said. “Everyone was standing up and it was more of a pumped up vibe and it was amazing. 

“This year was more of a cool vibe and I also enjoyed that.”

She loves performing on stage.

“I love everything about performing, nothing in particular, just the vibe and the more you practice the better you’re going to get at it.

“I’ve been writing songs and I don’t know if they’re any good but I’d like to start recording.”

Luca Saunders during a performance at Club Old Bar.

Luca Saunders during a performance at Club Old Bar.

The most gigs she does are around Christmastime and when she travels to Melbourne for the comedy festival.

She had hopes to enter the televised competition Australia’s Got Talent, but the show has now been cancelled.

She counts Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson as her favourite singers, saying she admires Whitney for her performances and has loved Michael Jackson since she was young.

“He passed away when I was five. Dad and mum always played it and I was obviously going to love it.”

She also enjoys dancing but likes to leave the public performances to her younger brother Tyler.

“It’s his thing,” she said.