Letter to the editor on mines and the environment

Not content with mining the guts out of our country, our Federal Global Bank the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC) between 2009 - 2014 gave Australian mines and contract mining $1.4 billion for coal projects around the world.

The following companies are operating in Indonesia; Leighton, Kangaroo Resources, White Energy, and a Straits Resources subsidiary.

These particular companies may soon be digging up more than one third of Indonesia's coal exports.

And now, we are inviting Adani into our country to create one of the biggest coal mines in the world and in the process potentially destroy the Great Artesian Basin, Australia's greatest asset already impacted by the Queensland coal seam gas mining and the impending NSW Pilliga 850 CSG wells.

We don't need to worry about North Korea destroying our country, we are doing a rather good job ourselves thank you!

Without water we die!

Maybe time to start 'lacing' the pollies tea with a little 'bromide'.

May the Force be with you.

Margaret Tappert