East Coast gas exporters will provide gas for expected shortfall

Lyne MP David Gillespie
Lyne MP David Gillespie

Commitment from East Coast gas exporters

The Coalition government remains committed to ensure the availability and affordability of energy supplies across our region.

We will not let the rising cost of power bills take any further toll on Australian families, businesses and jobs, these are our absolute priority.

One of the latest measures to ease pressure on the domestic gas supply, is a commitment from the East Coast gas exporters that they will provide the gas for the expected shortfall identified by the energy regulator and competition watchdog in 2018.

Labor has driven up the price of gas by approving exports without consideration to our domestic needs, as well as stopping the development of new gas reserves. The Coalition government is delivering on plans to clean up that mess including: the support of new gas exploration and development; reforming pipeline markets;  continuing to call on the states to drop the moratoriums and restrictions that stop domestic gas flowing.

Breaking the cycle of welfare dependency

The Coalition government also remains committed to helping young Australians get off welfare and into work. Through the Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy and Jobs PaTH program, we’ve been able to help 10,000 long-term unemployed youth find a job and make sure they are positive contributors. 

Breaking the cycle of welfare dependency by securing employment has a profound impact on the individual and their family. It also reduces the burden on the Australian taxpayer. More than 9300 youth have begun Employability Skills Training courses and more than 2100 internships have begun.