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The new section of footpath north of Banyula Drive
The new section of footpath north of Banyula Drive

Dredging on the Gold Coast

The Old Bar Beach Sand Replenishment Group has become aware that the Queensland government has signed off on a contract for the construction of a new $3 million dredge facility on the Gold Coast, opening the way for larger vessels to access the Coomera River marine precinct.

This is an indication that dredging is not particularly expensive and lessons may be learnt for future dredging of Farquhar Inlet.

Sand Scraping: MidCoast Council is finalising the review of environmental factors (REF). The REF is a necessary step to check the entire operation to determine the impact the works will have on the environment and ways to mitigate these risks.

Once it is completed, this REF will be submitted, along with a licence application, to Crown Lands.

Crown Lands will review the REF and determine the licence. Following licence approval, works will commence. 

Council will be contracting James Carley (principle coastal engineer, Water Research Laboratory UNSW Sydney) to provide advice and final design on the sand scraping. Further, council is in discussion with James to contact his team of coastal specialists to undertake the monitoring of the sand scraping campaign.

Sand scraping will occur from north of the school to in front of the surf club and park. This area has been determined to be the best location for this trial. The trial is a one off campaign.

The results of the sand scraping will be used to determine the management options within the coastal management plan.

Understandably,  there is confusion between coastal zone management plane (CZMP) and the coastal management plan (CMP). It has certainly not been made easy, the two plans having such close names, but to keep the record straight and help you understand the confusion, the following is advised.

CZMP - State Government in 2008 advised councils that a coastal zone management plan had to be completed. Many studies and many submissions to Office of Environment and Heritage followed, for submission for gazettal. Many times, despite hard work on the part of the council, their CZMPs were returned – and this is what was inherited by MidCoast Council. However, Andrew Staniland determinedly working with the material supplied by Richard Pamplin, has now submitted the Manning Valley CZMP for gazettal and is hoping for success. This plan covers all former GTCC coastal areas, excluding, because of its complexities, the Old Bar Manning Point coastline. This is covered by the  CMP (Old Bar Manning Point Coastal Management Plan) which is presently being attended to by MidCoast Council.

More footpath for Old Bar

A new housing estate is taking shape at Old Bar, the Riverside Oyster Reach Estate. 

Apart from the eventual 199 building blocks to be released for sale, locals will be pleased to see that a new section of footpath has been constructed on the western side of Banyula Creek north from Banyula Drive.

This footpath extends the available paved walk which runs behind the homes in Ivy Crescent from Brooke Close to Banyula Dve. 

Exercisers and dog walkers will welcome this additional facility.

Heartfit classes

The Heartfit program continues at Banyula Village every Monday from 4pm.

Heartfit is a gentle exercise program suitable for anyone – regardless of fitness level - delivered by an accredited exercise professional, Michelle Georgiou.

It has attracted a regular following but new participants are always welcome.

Friends from outside the village, men and women, have been attending and now make up the majority of the participants. You will always be most welcome to join the classes at the centre. Contact Margaret, 6553 3240 or Robyn, 6553 7476. Join anytime.

Probus Club of Old Bar

The Probus Club of Old Bar Beach meets at Club Old Bar on the fourth Thursday of each month commencing at 10am for a general meeting, friendship/fellowship, morning tea and to hear a guest speaker. 

Regular weekly activities include a Wednesday morning walking group and a ten-pin bowling group that bowls on Thursdays in Taree. 

There is a diners’ club that visits a different local restaurant each month. Other social activities are also arranged.

The club encourages membership of both men and women who are welcome to come along as guests to a meeting with a view of possibly joining us as a future member. For further information please contact Rita on 6553 7711.