Pet Day at the Bishop Tyrell Place Cundletown 2017

Bishop Tyrrell Place is certainly no stranger when it comes to animals and aged care, establishing the first “Care Farm” for residents in New South Wales in 2010.

“For our residents, animals play a huge role in helping them live a happier, healthier life,” said Kylie Jacques, marketing manager of Anglican Care.

“Research has shown contact with animals on a regular basis improves cognitive functioning, balances emotional concerns and increases feelings of enthusiasm and interest. They also offer a sense of peace and calm, especially those with Alzheimer’s disease.”

The staff encouraged families to join in the fun by bringing in an animal that may have significance or an attachment for our residents.

“That is why we are so supportive of this wonderful initiative in Taree. The residents are not only excited about the animals but the fact their families are able to bring a family pet and reunite a pet with their elderly owner is very special,” Ms Jacques said.

The day will got underway with a pet parade featuring best dressed pet, followed by photos with reptiles; you can pat one of two mini horses, baby turkeys, as well as lots more!