Marine Rescue matters – Crowdy Harrington

As the weather has not be too kind we haven’t had much activity on the water but life goes on.

Our next market day is Monday, October 2 at the John Oxley Reserve.

All stallholders are welcome but must have insurance.

Any further enquiries can be made by contacting our base, Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington, on 6556 1564.

Radio procedure changes

Fishermen will notice changes in our radio procedures in the coming months.

These changes will be the result of improved radio coverage as Marine Rescue NSW is spending $750,000 on upgrading tower reception up and down the coast and this will result in changes to log on procedures.

The changes will be advertised in all media outlets nearer completion date and please note that the individual bases are not responsible.

These changes come from Australian Maritime Safety Authority and Marine Area Command.

We have had two radio operators and a coxswain pass their assessment this month and we have one Leading Crew training for coxswain and two trainees almost ready for crew assessment.

Whale monitored

On Saturday September 16 we were called out to monitor a whale that had two fishing floats caught around its tail near Curphy Shoals.

The idea was to monitor its progress until National Parks arrived to cut it free. We were asked to take some photos and then return to our berth.

Our unit commander and training officer attended an information and ideas weekend at Port Macquarie on September 15 and 16.

The weather should improve from now on so don’t forget to check your boat and gear and prepare to enjoy another great season on the water.

Boating, make it fun make it safe and make it home

Kevin Nicholls  

Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington