Letter: Can councillors work together?

Well, the Midcoast Council Election is over and I personally hope that somehow the 11 councillors who have been elected find some way to work together to provide us with a stable and successful council in the future.

However I have some doubts.

Six former councillors from the two previous councils that were declared not ‘fit for the future’ have been elected.

Three councilors were endorsed by major political parties (two Labor and one Liberal), in addition another councilor is chairman of the Nationals Lyne Federal Electorate. What place do major political parties have in Local Government?

I suppose we have one saving grace, an independent candidate, who claimed to have tens of thousands of Facebook supporters, only received a few hundred votes.... in some ways, it’s a pity that he was not elected as he claimed that he could, amongst other things, reduce the price of petrol in our area!

Good luck to our new MidCoast Council and now we can look forward to the next NSW State Election to show our appreciation of how we were treated at the council boundary review.

Michael Trickett