Times reader Kayla Flannery loves living in the Manning

Photo by Kayla Flannery

Photo by Kayla Flannery

Why do I love where I live? 

Everybody has a home, though it may differ between a house or a park bench, we all have a place to go to sleep.

But what about a place to be awake? A place to think? Or a place to love?

My home is in Taree and while my body resides here, my mind is almost always elsewhere.

I’m told I live with the fairies, everyone knows that expression but I believe I live with beauty.

I see the beauty in the most mundane things.

The sound of a crackling fire can elicit a warmth, a calm that most people don’t find.

The musky scent of an old book can release a thousand memories of decades past but always present once the book is opened.

The delicate tendrils of a cigarette smoke, inching higher while losing corporeal existence remind us that life is fleeting so make it count.

Those precious few moments between the darkness and the sunrise allow the feelings of solitude and contentment for those few who choose beauty over sleep, yet this happens every day.

And even the feeling of a rare spot of sunlight beaming onto the small patch of carpet your sitting on, can just illuminate the parts of this world usually hidden unless being looked for.

So, why do I love where I live?

Because I love life.

It’s a simple answer, but one worth more than its weight in gold.

In only twenty years on this earth, I have had more than my fair share of heartache, disappointment and pain.

But I’ve always been able to see beauty and that is what has made it all so worth it.

So, next time you’re taking a walk, or sitting at home, remember that while life can always bring you down, your beauty will keep you living.

Editor’s note:

Kyla Flannery is a young woman with a passion to write. She approached the Manning River Times for an opportunity and here is the result. Kyla also provided the photograph