Letter: Searching for model ship builder

On holidays recently I visited Taree and bought a severely damaged model ship from a Taree antiques shop with a personal promise to myself to restore it to its original condition.

The ship, a barque, turned out to be a hand made model, possibly of the HMS Endeavour. It was obviously made under the loving hands of someone probably a long time ago. The structure including the rigging, halyards and other complex nautical stuff were all hand made by this unknown dedicated person. 

The antique shop owner could not help with where the ship came from or where he had purchased it.

I hope there may be someone, maybe family of the builder if it came from the Taree/Manning River area, who could identify him or her.

They may be happy to know it has now has been rebuilt and has a good home, thanks to the original builder giving me the opportunity to find and rebuild this piece of history.  

Paul Cheshire

Villa 132, Horizons Village

Dubbo NSW 2830