Wingham Rifle Club's championship shot at 400 metres

Suzie Laurie recorded her highest score in the F Standard B-grade championship.
Suzie Laurie recorded her highest score in the F Standard B-grade championship.

WINGHAM Rifle Club’s championship round was shot at the 400-metre distance in balmy spring conditions.

There can be a misconception, particularly among new shooters, that the shorter distances are easier to shoot because of the closeness of to the target.  However this is not the case. Target sizes are proportional to the distances – the closer a shooter is the to the target the smaller the bull ring. This is particularly the case at 400 metres where the bull ring is just 46 millimeters in diametre

Peter Thurtell only dropped one point all afternoon to finish with a total of 99 and 12 centres in target rifle A-grade. Barry White, who has recently returned from the Queens in Brisbane, shot two blistering rounds of 49 with centres to take home the win in target rifle B-grade with a final tally of 98 with six centres. White is in red-hot form at the moment as he now heads off to compete in the Sydney Queens in the coming weeks.

Gordon Higgins won target rifle C-grade with a total score of 78 and one centre.

Declan Heaney took out the win in F Standard A-grade by a centre count over club treasurer Phil Costa while Declan’s father Ean Heaney was the winner in F Standard B-grade with a total of 116 and eight centres.

However, the most improved achievement must go to Suzi Laurie in F Standard B-grade. Suzi posted a first round of 53 with one centre and then followed up with a blistering second round of 57 with five centres to finish with a score of 110 with six centres This is her highest score in this year’s championship to date and to shoot it at a short distance is an excellent achievement.

Full scores: target rifle A-grade Peter Thurtell 99.12, Mal McKenzie 95.10, B-grade Barry White 98.6, Max Purnell 97.6, Andrew Geary 96.8, C-grade Gordon Higgins 78.1, Forbes Thurtell 51.1.

F Standard A-grade Declan Heaney 113.6, Phil Costa 113.2, Chris Barnard 112.6 , B-grade Ean Heaney 116.8, Suzi Laurie 110.6, Katrina Geary 104.3, Barry Sandwell 99.2, Keenan Stewart 96.0, Craig Laurie 88.2

F Open Christina Adams 105.5, Duncan Robinson 93.3