MidCoast Council election 2017 candidates – Group D

Peter Epov’s Community First – Group D

Over the past seven years Peter Epov has been a passionate, prominent and effective community advocate. The former Greater Taree councillor wants to drive MidCoast Council to deliver value to ratepayers. Peter wants a well-run, service focused council and believes in evidence based decisions made in the community interest. “Council needs to be fair and openly inform, engage and consult with the community.”

Frances Crampton is one of Australia’s most respected sports administrators. She represented Australia at five Olympic Games, five Commonwealth Games and multiple World Championships. “We shall establish mechanisms to consult with and focus on the needs of the community. I want to bring a calm, rational review of the 16 months of administration of MidCoast Council while focusing on the key issues of roads and rates.”

Peter Rankin served NSW as a police officer for 39 years attaining the rank of Police Superintendent. He is State secretary of the Retired Police Association of NSW and treasurer of NSW Police Legacy. Peter is mindful of the complexities of being young and living in regional NSW. “Community First will be a powerful advocate of youth affairs, and responsive to the needs of our younger community members.”

David Poole is a graduate of the Royal Military College Duntroon, with a degree in civil engineering, and experience in civil engineering, project management, development management, and leadership of organisations. His interest is in local government and delivery of services. “Council can do much better on roads and bridges.”

Whilst caring for her teenage children and running a farm, Kerry Anderson completed a Diploma in Agriculture at University of UNE. In 2016 she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and works as a health professional. Kerry’s interests include sustainable agriculture. “I want to see increased sustainable development so youth will be able to find employment within the area and not be forced to leave.”

Jenny Michael and her husband relocated from Sydney 11 years ago. Jenny understands small business, and the importance of business and residents working together. “I have a great affinity with people who are working to improve their lifestyle and who are passionate about making a contribution to the community.”