Funding to assist MidCoast Council with flood planning

The Manning River during the 2009 floods.
The Manning River during the 2009 floods.

Member for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead announced $50,000 will be given to MidCoast Council to better understand and manage the local flood risk.

Mr Bromhead said the unpredictable nature of floods can leave communities unprepared.

“It is important the community works together to ensure we are prepared and ready to manage future flooding events,” he said.

“Council is at the forefront of flood response and recovery and we’re ensuring it has the resources to manage flood risk to help minimise damage to our community.”

The council will use the funds for the Great Lakes Remote Areas Flood Survey to map and identify flood surfaces to be integrated through the WaterRIDE platform.

“This funding will enable the Mid-Coast Council to make informed decisions on the best way to invest in flood mitigation and better manage the risks posed by floods,” Mr Bromhead said.

What is the Manning River floodplain flood risk management study and plan?

This project involves the preparation of floodplain risk management plan for the Manning River floodplain from downstream of Wingham to the coast including the township of Tinonee, Taree, Cundletown, Harrington and Manning Point and the adjacent rural and semi-rural area of the floodplain.

This will help council to improve its management of flood prone areas by reducing the impact of flooding and flood liability on individual land owners and occupiers of flood prone property, and reducing private and public losses resulting from floods.

This study will identify various risk management options with cost benefit analysis, carry out required modelling for management options and community consultation.