Catch a bream when the tide is right

BREAM have not been as numerous as in past weeks but it is still possible to catch a few fish when the right tide is fished.

Luderick are plentiful and daytime weed fishermen are scoring good numbers.

Up-river flathead are still on the bite on soft plastics and bait.

With the full moon some decent mulloway were caught from the river wall and the banks above Harrigan’s pub. Some of the fish went 22kgs.

The Manning is full of whitebait and this explains why the tailor are coming into the river and the mulloway are following the tailor.

On the beaches plenty of tailor have been bagged on lures and bait.

Bream have been caught from the spit in the mouth of the Manning.

Snapper have been landed on the north and south grounds while trag have been boated off Old Bar.

Flathead have been caught on the drift.