69 candidates will contest the MidCoast Council election

To the polls: Eligible voters head to the polls on September 9 to choose the inaugural MidCoast Council.
To the polls: Eligible voters head to the polls on September 9 to choose the inaugural MidCoast Council.

The returning officer for the September 9 MidCoast Council election conducted the ballot draw following the close of nominations on Wednesday, August 9.

Sixty nine candidates have nominated, 11 in groups and five will stand independently.

The council will be made up of 11 councillors, including the mayor and deputy mayor who are elected to the positions by the elected councillors.

Both Country Labor and the Liberal Party are fielding groups and several other candidates have affiliation with political parties. 

MidCoast Council is responsible for a community of over 90,000, spread over 10,000km2. The council operates a $320 million per year business that looks after 3200km of roads, 542 bridges and 3000 hectares of open space. 

The candidates as they will appear on the ballot sheet are as followed:

Group A

Len Roberts (Tea Gardens)

Cliff Hoare (Harrington)

Ian Davis (Nabiac)

Alacoque Welsh (Tea Gardens)

Stephen Moy (Tuncurry)

Ronald Craig (Wingham)

Arthur Baker (Bulahdelah)

Group B

Brad Christensen (Harrington)

Joshua Crowther (Rainbow Flat)

Aaron Temple (Tallwoods Village)

Donna Ballard (Dollys Flat)

Mark Barratt (Nabiac)

Peter Bolte (Taree)

Group C

John Rosenbaum (Gloucester)

Robyn Jenkins (Wingham)

Nawal Maharaj (Harrington)

Group D

Peter Epov (Strathcedar)

Frances Crampton (Tallwoods Village)

Peter Rankin (Taree)

David Poole (Forster)

Kerry Anderson (Elands)

Jenny Michael (The Bight)

Group E

Troy Fowler (Forster)

Paul Geraghty (Forster)

Peter Maren (Tuncurry)

George Jones (Blueys Beach)

Jim Peters (Forster)

Fred Wheeler (Forster)

Group F

Karen Hutchinson (Booral)

Tony Summers (Forster)

Monique Cahill (Taree)

Ian McLennan (Forster)

Christine Stani (Booral)

Chloe Dalrymple-Hutchinson (Booral)

Group G

Kathryn Bell (Taree)

James Hooke (Bulliac)

Lance Fletcher (Failford)

Arthur Chapman (Tallwoods Village)

Bob Galvin (Old Bar)

Jenny Ashton (Koorainghat)

Group H

David West (Brimbin)

Jason Ryan (not listed)

Dan Patch (Ghinni Ghinni)

Paul Murray (Taree)

Eddie Loftus (Taree)

George Wilson (Old Bar)

Group I

Katheryn Smith (Gloucester)

Stewart Carruthers (Gloucester)

Mydie Keegan (Krambach)

Sandy Kiely (Mount George)

Ron Ingle (Bucca Wauka)

Kerry-Anne Cowan (Harrington)

Group J

David Keegan (Pampoolah)

Claire Pontin (Red Head)

John Weate (Tuncurry)

Gaye Tindall (Green Point)

Graham Robinson (Forster)

Louise Collins (Nabiac)

Group K

Jan McWilliams (Tuncurry)

Jim Morwitch (Forster)

Carol McCaskie (not listed)

Timothy McLean (Taree)

Sharon Wilson (Forster)

Pene Dobell-Brown (Forster)


Malcolm Motum (Tea Gardens)

Paul Van Drunen (Forster)

Russell Gardner (Tuncurry)

Paul Sandilands (Forster)

Susan Walker (Forster)

Pre-poll venues

  • Gloucester Council Chambers (Railway Street, Gloucester)
  • MidCoast returning officer’s office (Stocklands, Breese Parade, Forster)
  • Manning Uniting Church (29 Albert Street, Taree)
  • Raymond Terrace Pre-Poll (72 Port Stephens Street, Raymond Terrace)

Pre-poll opens Monday, August 28 and concludes Friday, September 8 at 6pm.

Pre-poll opens Monday, August 28 and concludes Friday, September 8 at 6pm.

Postal voting

The NSW Electoral Commission advises: 

You can apply for a postal vote if you will be unable to attend a polling place on election day during polling hours (8am – 6pm).

If you are a registered general postal voter you do not need to apply. Your postal vote pack will be sent out to you when it is available.

If you are a non-residential elector, you may apply after August 4 2017.

Postal vote packs will be sent out to accepted applicants to their nominated postal address from 21 August 2017.

Voting is compulsory

The penalty for failing to vote is $55. 

What are the issues?

What are the questions you think we should be asking of our council candidates?

The Manning River Times posed this question on its Facebook site and Tracy Peeters was first to comment. Her question was: “What skills do you have to manage a multimillion dollar business? Can you look to the bigger picture as MidCoast Council as a whole area not just the area you live in?”

We thank Tracy and invite our readers to submit their questions to lauren.green@fairfaxmedia.com.au