Nominations for the MidCoast Council election close August 9

Potential candidates for the MidCoast Council election only have a few days to nominate before the August 9 noon deadline.

An array of former councillors, mayors and first-time candidates have put forward their nominations so far.

Pene Dobell-Brown (Forster), Jim Morwitch (Forster), Carol McCaskie (not listed), Timothy McLean (Taree), Sharon Wilson (Forster) and former Great Lakes mayor Jan McWilliams (Tuncurry)were among the first candidates to be announced.

Karen Hutchinson (Booral), Tony Summers (Forster), Monique Cahill (Taree), Ian McLennan (Forster), Christine Stani (Booral) and Chloe Dalrymple-Hutchinson (Booral) will contest the election on the same ticket known as the “Karen Hutchinson Group”.

Country Labor will contest the election led by Dr David Keegan (Pampoolah). Claire Pontin (Red Head), John Weate (Tuncurry), Gaye Tindall (Green Point), Graham Robinson (Forster) and Louise Collins (Nabiac) will feature in team.

Kathryn Bell (Taree), James Hooke (Bulliac), Lance Fletcher (Failford), Arthur Chapman (Tallwoods Village), Bob Galvin (Old Bar) and Jenny Ashton (Koorainghat) will feature in the election as “Bell Team”. 

Robyn Jenkins (Wingham), Nawal Maharaj (Harrington), Paul Sandilands (Forster), Brad Christensen (Harrington), Joshua Crowther (Rainbow Flat), Aaron Temple (Tallwoods Village), Donna Ballard (Dollys Flat), Mark Barratt (Nabiac), Peter Bolte (Taree), David West (Brimbin), Jason Ryan (not listed), Dan Patch (Ghinni Ghinni), Paul Murray (Taree), George Wilson (Old Bar), Paul Van Drunen (Forster) were announced on Monday, August 7.

Former Greater Taree City mayor Eddie Loftus (Taree) and former Gloucester mayor John Rosenbaum (Gloucester) will also feature in the election process.

Pre-poll voting opens on Monday, August 28 and closes Friday, September 8. 

The election will be held on Saturday, September 9.

The final, complete list of candidates will be announced on Thursday, August 10.