Letter: Politics not wanted in local government

With the forthcoming local council elections on September 9, I am compelled to comment on the article in the MRT, June 28, 2017: ‘Dr David Keegan to lead Country Labor at MidCoast Council election’.

Former Greater Taree City mayor Paul Hogan who attended the Country Labor announcement was quoted, in part, as saying: “This area has been too long without local representation.” Question: If the previous councillors were not “local”, who were they?

And just when you thought it was ‘safe’ to go to your letterbox, County Labor has begun bombarding voters with ‘how to vote’ flyers riddled with political paraphernalia.  

Twelve months ago, the three local councils were forcibly merged to form the mega MidCoast Council. And now the big boys with their Trade Union ideology and fractious factions want to throw their hat in the ring and run the new conglomerate.

This is a rubbish idea! Ratepayers do not want or need politics in their local lives. It is bad enough that we have to put up with State and Federal politics.

The ‘average Joe’ voter wants an independent councillor whose only concern is what is best for his/her neighbours and the community. Councillors with a political bent are only interested in using local council as a stepping stone to greater power at the State and Federal level. 

The foregoing also applies to would-be Liberal/National/Green councillors who also harbour political fervour and want to get their hand on the council tiller.

Herewith a clear and loud directive to would-be interlopers who want to politicise local communities – to paraphrase Barnaby Joyce, “Bugger off”! 

Steven Maher