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The next market day at Harrington will be held on Monday October 2.
The next market day at Harrington will be held on Monday October 2.

The Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington market day held on Sunday July 9 was a successful day and we did well thanks to our volunteers and to our very supportive public.

We hold four markets per year and the funds raised are a major source of income for us as we are a charitable enterprise and each base is manned by volunteers.

We have to continually raise funds as it costs between $8000 and $9000 per month to run the base and associated equipment.

We are partially funded through State Government funds and donations but have to raise 70 per cent to 80 per cent of money ourselves and any we are constantly seeking sponsors.

Our next market day is to be held on Monday October 2 and all potential stallholders are reminded that insurance is essential. Enquiries can be made at the base by calling in or phoning 6556 1564.

A fire suppression course was held at the Training Room in Nicholson Street, Harrington, on Wednesday July 5, mainly for our radio operators.

The idea is that if a fire does start due to an electrical fault or any other cause then  all members would know which extinguisher to use. This training has only been available to boat crew in the past.

All boaties are reminded that it is the skippers responsibility to ensure that all equipment on their boat is up to date including the mobile phone used on the boat on the day.

If the radio operator quotes the last three numbers of your phone number then they are just checking that this is the phone that you have with you on the day. This should really only apply to visiting boats as CB members should notify us of any changes anyway. Remember skippers responsibility

We had an exercise on Saturday morning July 15 to find our training dummy “Fred”. Charter Boat operator Roger Edwards was good enough to take “Fred” early in the morning, drop him in the sea and notify Marine Rescue Crowdy Harrington of his position. The operators then proceeded to call in boat crews for both boats and a simulated rescue was underway. The paperwork was completed and both boats proceeded to the area to start a search but after four hours “Fred” could not be found.

“Fred” is a pair of orange overalls  filled with polystyrene foam and with a head and boots and is fairly heavy. If you are out fishing and you come across “Fred” could you please return him to our base. Our thanks go to Roger and crew for their support.

During our training exercise CB20 was called away to Diamond Head to assist a boat in difficulty having lost his steering.

The 5.5 metre boat and two crew were returned safely to Crowdy Harbour, meanwhile Crowdy 30 continued the exercise unsuccessfully, however lessons were learned and this is why we have to continually train.

Boat Licence and Personal Water Craft licence tests are carried out on the second Monday of each month commencing at 1800 (6pm) at the base but you must leave your name and contact number beforehand. Simply phone the base on 65561564 to make an appointment. All study must be done either from the handbook available from the base or by the RMS maritime website.

Remember, Boating Make it Fun Make it Safe and Make it Home .