Anglicare Rene the resource van delivers fun in MidCoast region

93-year-old Hilda da Fonte and her beloved romance novels.
93-year-old Hilda da Fonte and her beloved romance novels.

‘Rene’ the lifestyle resources van is a a mobile entertainment van providing hours of fun and entertainment for Anglican Care residents and consumers.

A modern take on a mobile library, Rene travels to Anglican Care’s consumers across the MidCoast region and allows them the opportunity to borrow books, games and puzzles.

Anglican Care’s lifestyle and well-being co-ordinator, Jane Meldrum said the mobile entertainment library was developed after they realised there was more they needed to do to keep their clients connected and entertained in the comfort of their own homes.

“Ensuring our clients are living a happy and fulfilled life is what we ultimately strive for. And when we realised there was more we needed to do to achieve that, I knew we had to come up with something different,” Ms Meldrum said.

“We have a gamut of resources at our fingertips being under utilised and I thought, if only there was a way of getting these resources out and about. That’s when the resources van idea came to life.

“The wide ranging nature of resources enables the van to assist many people; from those with a dementia related illness to those who may be socially isolated.  It also has resources to assist carers and to cater for people from different cultural backgrounds via communication cards and links with interpreting / translating services.” Ms Meldrum said.

Since Rene was officially launched in 2016, it has been hugely successful in providing residents, consumers and carers with hours of entertainment.

The van is regularly stocked with large print reading books and literature, DVD’s, table and floor games, knitting, music and art therapy and information technology items such as iPads – all of which enhance social, cognitive, physical, sensory, behavioral and spiritual well being.

One of Rene’s newest customers is 93 year old Hilda da Fonte. Hilda is quite partial to the odd romance novel but requests books with large text.

“The resources van is a marvelous idea. It brings the outside world into our living areas,” Ms da Fonte said.

“I do love a romance novel, but nothing too saucy. I’m also planning on giving Monopoly a go and an iPad. That should be fun.”