Letter: “Global warming” and motorists

Once again the hapless motorists of Australia are being targeted in what many of us consider a dubious claim that we are largely responsible for the debateable “global warming” impact due to Co2 emissions.

When will ordinary everyday Australians wake-up to the fact that Australia contributes less than two per cent of the total Co2 emissions world-wide?  

That, to me at least, means that if we were to shut down every single Co2 emitting device in Australia the very best outcome would be to reduce global emissions by less than two per cent.

We have endured years of debate and an extraordinary sum of money on this and other minority group issues whilst the country has witnessed the demise of our manufacturing industry, a burgeoning increase in social security expenditure and an impossible situation for those endeavouring to survive on their savings.

Surely it is time for the governments, at all levels, to govern for the majority and stopping trying to be all things to all people.

Tony Ryan