Abdoo's Bridge at Killabakh has been replaced with a new concrete structure

Facelift: Abdoo's Bridge before it was replaced.
Facelift: Abdoo's Bridge before it was replaced.

MidCoast Council bridge crews have completed the replacement of Abdoo’s bridge at Killabakh as further bridge works in the region commence.

The bridge was dismantled and a new concrete structure was installed in its place. 

The new structure provides a safer, smoother driving surface which will serve the local community for years to come, with lower ongoing maintenance costs.

Replacement work to the Reltons Bridge has also been completed. The original timber bridge has been replaced with a steel structure, allowing the load limit to be removed. The bridge is now suitable for heavier vehicles.

The Emu Creek Bridge is another project which has recently commenced. The project will involve a temporary installation of a side bridge for heavy vehicles, which is adjacent to the existing bridge. It has a total load limit of 12 tonnes. The existing bridge will continue to be used for light vehicles.  At this stage the work is a temporary measure until the existing bridge is replaced.

Operations South manager Jamie Condie said the works will be carried out to avoid ongoing maintenance. 

“Almost 40 per cent of all bridges across the region are timber and their age and condition often means ongoing repairs.

“One of our priorities is to minimise maintenance costs by replacing them with newer, concrete structures,” Mr Condie said. 

To stay updated on the progress of roadworks across the region, visit www.myroadinfo.com.au.