Harrington Public School learn about basic CPR and emergency care

Years five and six students at Harrington Public School welcomed the NSW Primary School CPR Awareness campaign on Thursday, June 16.

The program, run by Cameron McFarlane, began in Tamworth in 2012 before spreading to the rest of the state.

Harrington Public School, as well as Coopernook Public School, became the first schools on the NSW east coast to participate in the program.

Mr McFarlane highlighted the importance of teaching basic CPR and emergency care from a young age.

“I’m proud of the achievement that all the schools have taken in this program.

“They do some really good practical stuff and its just before they go to high school.

“They are one of the biggest water users of the nation and Year 5 and 6 students I have found are really good learners in this area, they absorb it really well,” Mr McFarlane said.

Mr McFarlane added that the program is celebrating another milestone, with 20,000 students across the state participating in the program.

He thanked the school and Seashells Cafe Harrington for supporting the campaign.