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Envirofair will now take place on June 24.
Envirofair will now take place on June 24.

Do you come from a cultural background that is not represented on local radio? Would you like to help create a radio program in your language or the language of your ancestors on air?

Come in to 2BOB Radio and find out what exciting opportunities are available for you to make this happen.

Currently 2BOB broadcasts programs that feature both music and spoken content in languages such as Filipino, Japanese, Greek and French.

Our local area boasts a rich diversity of cultures and one of the most comforting things one can hear when settling in a new country is a voice speaking the language of your home. 2BOB’s ethnic programming has been providing such joy to newcomer’s ears for more than 20 years.

2BOB has a proud history of providing an assorted array of programs in many different languages and your help is needed to provide even more diverse voices across the Manning.

If you are interested in helping create a program in your language then please contact 2BOB on 6552 6200 and talk to one of our friendly staff to get the ball rolling.

2BOB’s Albums Of The Week are:

  • Benjamin Booker - Witness
  • Nadia Reid - Preservation
  • Jeff Gibson - Tin Dog Road
  • Jim Lawrie - Slacker Of The Year

Envirofair postponed

Wet weather has hampered plans for Saturday’s Envirofair with organisers postponing the event until June 24.

“It’s a bit of an anti climax,” said co-ordinator Jo Wallace.

“We’ve had to do this before and it’s no-one’s fault.”

With the weekend forecast showing more rain on the way Jo and the 2BOB Radio team are confident they have made the right decision. 

They are currently in the process of informing stall holders and performers of the new arrangements and Jo is hopeful it will all work out.

“In two weeks it will be better, hopefully the sun will be shining and it will be warm.”

The 26th Envirofair will now be held on Saturday June 24 at Taree Park near the 2BOB radio station.