Piano results | 2017 Taree and District Eisteddfod

Katie Hilberts was the winner of the Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 12 years and under section, and placed in other sections.
Katie Hilberts was the winner of the Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 12 years and under section, and placed in other sections.

Results of the Piano section of the Taree and District Eisteddfod

Friday April 28

9.30am session

Section 112 Piano Solo 8 years and under: 1st Megan Eddelbuttel, 2nd Lucas Guiney, HC Olivia Jolley.

Section 102 Novice Piano Solo 8 years and under: 1st Chrystina Li, 2nd Tristan Cross, 3rd Tiffany Nguyen, HC Jake Andrews, Flynn Alexopoulos, Jethro Llewellyn, Enc Bonny Uglow, Olivia Jolley, Bayley Read.

Section 106 Restricted Piano Solo 8 years and under: 1st Jethro Llewellyn, 2nd Bonny Uglow, 3rd Jake Andrews, HC Rian Watkins, Bayley Read, Olivia Jolley, Enc Tristan Cross, Lucas Guiney, Chrystina Li.

Section 103 Novice Piano Solo 10 years and under: 1st James Parker, HC Bree Norrie.

Section 136 Piano Solo Jazz/Blues/Boogie 10 years and under: 1st Riley Brown, 2nd Megan Eddelbuttel, HC Charlotte Day, Nithara Weththasinghe, Jimmy Li.

1.30pm session

Section 113 Piano Solo 10 years and under: 1st Megan Eddelbuttel, 2nd ChenMei LimSchneider, 3rd Holly Andrews, HC Tahlia French, Charlotte Day, Joseph Hogan, Madeline Baxter.

Section 125 Piano Solo Post 1900 10 years and under: 1st Holly Andrews, 2nd Megan Eddelbuttel, 3rd Riley Brown, HC Madeline Baxter, Charlotte Day, Dylan George, ChenMei LimSchneider, Nithara Weththasinghe.

Section 141 P Plate Piano Solo: 1st Abbie Doust, HC Bayley Read, Alley Boere.

Section 119 Piano Solo Pre 1900 10 years and under: 1st ChenMei LimSchneider, 2nd Megan Eddelbuttel, 3rd Riley Brown, HC Holly Andrews, Charlotte Day, Lily Llewellyn.

Section 142 Preliminary Piano Solo: 1st James Parker, HC Leorah Davie, Jimmy Li.

Section 171a Set Work 10 years and under (new section introduced to mark the eisteddfod’s 50th year, composition by Andrew Chubb): 1st Megan Eddelbuttel, HC Riley Brown, Lily Llewellyn.

Section 107 Restricted Piano Solo 10 years and under: 1st Tahlia French, 2nd Dylan George, 3rd Madeline Baxter, HC Alley Boare, Danieka Wakefield, Jimmey Li, Jacqui Stevenson, Abbie Doust, Joseph Hogan, James Parker, Leorah Davie.

Section 130 Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 10 years and under: 1st Riley Brown, 2nd Danieka Wakefield, Enc Jacqui Stevenson, Holly Andrews.

Saturday April 29 

9.30am session

Section 114 Piano Solo 12 years and under: 1st Kyler Johnson, 2nd Irene Ling, 3rd Elyssa Keen, HC Josie Fitzgerald.                             

Section 137 Piano Solo Jazz/Blues/Boogie 12 years and under: 1st Seren Everingham, 2nd Indianna Day, HC Alexander Seppi, WenYuan LimSchneider, Kyler Johnson, Gabrielle Bird.

Section 108 Restricted Piano Solo 12 years and under: 1st Yuna Park, 2nd Gabrielle Bird,  3rd Indianna Day, HC Josie Fitzgerald, Hyewon Kang, Melia Mulder, Kyler Johnson.

Section 171b Set Work 12 years and under: 1 WenYuan LimSchneider, HC Melia Mulder.

Section 143/144 First/Second Grade Piano: 1st Michelle Li, HC Charlotte Day.

Section 145 Third Grade Piano Solo: 1st Melissa Li, 2nd Yuna Park,  HC Holly Andrews, Indianna Day.

Section 126 Piano Solo Post 1900 12 years and under: 1st Indianna Day, 2nd Seren Everingham, 3rd Katie Hilberts, HC Irene Ling, Elyssa Keen , Enc Alexander Seppi.

WenYuan LimSchneider won the Piano Solo Pre 1900 12 years and under and Sixth Grade Piano Solo sections on the afternoon of April 29.

WenYuan LimSchneider won the Piano Solo Pre 1900 12 years and under and Sixth Grade Piano Solo sections on the afternoon of April 29.

1.30pm session

Section 131 Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 12 years and under: 1st Katie Hilberts, 2nd Irene Ling, 3rd Kyler Johnson, HC Alexander Seppi, Enc Melia Mulder, Ava Jolley.

Section 120 Piano Solo Pre 1900 12 years and under: 1st WenYuan LimSchneider, 2nd Hyewon Kang, 3rd Melissa Li, HC Ava Jolley, Indiana Day, Yuna Park, Katie Hilberts, Michelle Li, Enc Irene Ling.

Section 148 Sixth Grade Piano Solo: 1st WenYuan LimSchneider, HC  Michael Ling, Enc Lillian Smith

Section 110 Restricted Piano Solo 16 years and under: 1st Wylie Bush, HC Cameron Waugh, Brandon Wallace.

Section 116 Piano Solo 16 years and under: 1st Mitchell Brown, HC Lillian Smith, Cameron Waugh, Dylan Green .

Section 128 Piano Solo Post 1900 16 years and under: 1st Mitchell Brown, 2nd Lillian Smith, HC Dylan Green, Sara Thomas.                              

7pm session 

Section 146 Fourth Grade Piano Solo: 1st Irene Ling, HC Rosie Li, Enc Zali Baker.

Section 127 Piano Solo Post 1900 14 years and under: 1st Ethan Bird, HC Jonathan Kosmeier, Enc Michael Ling.                                                  

Section 171c Set Work 14 years and under: 1st Rosie Li, HC Jasmine Keen.

Section 121 Piano Solo Pre 1900 14 years and under: 1st Jonathan Kosmeier, HC  Antonia Amato, Enc Ysabella Jolley.                          

Section 132 Piano Solo TV/Stage/Film 14 years and under: 1st  Antonia Amato, 2nd  Rosie Li, HC Hayden Potts, Michael Ling.

Section 115 Piano Solo 14 years and under: 1st Antonia Amato, 2nd Morgan Gao, HC Ysabella Jolley, Ethan Bird, Michael Ling, Jonathan Kosmeier.

Sunday April 30

9.30am session

Section 122 Piano Solo Pre 1900 16 years and under: 1st Elliot Kozary, 2nd Lucy Norcross, 3rd Mitchell Brown.                                                                 

Section 171d Set Work 16 years and over: 1st Natasha Marshall, HC Gerard Nicholls, Gillian Herbert.

Section 117 Piano Solo 17 years and over: 1st Gillian Herbert, Enc Lachlan Kirkland, Alexandra James.

Section 111 Restricted Piano Solo 17 years and over: 1st Tiana Young, HC Alexandra James.

Section 123 Piano Solo Pre 1900 17 years and over: 1st Gerard Nicolls, HC Gillian Herbert, Lachlan Kirkland.

1.30pm session

Section 168 Junior Piano Championship 12 years and under: 1st WenYuan LImSchneider, 2nd Riley Brown, 3rd Katie Hilberts, HC Kyler Johnson, Michelle Li, Melissa Li, Enc Irene Ling.

Section 169 Intermediate Piano Championship 16 years and under: 1st Elliot Kozary, 2nd Mitchell Brown, 3rd Natasha Marshall.

Section 170 Senior Piano Championship 17 years and over: 1st Gerard Nicholls, HC Lachlan Kirkland.

Special awards

Junior Encouragement Award – Katie Hilberts, Intermediate Encouragement Award – Natasha Marshall, Senior Encouragement Award – Lachlan Kirkland; MidCoast Water Awards: 8 years and under - Jethro Llewyllen, 10 years and under - Holly May Andrews, Madeline Baxter, 12 years and under - Kyler Johnston, Seren Everingham, 14 years and under – Jonathan Kosmeier, Morgan Gao, 16 years and under – Lucy Norcross, Lillian Smith, 17 years and over – Gillian Herbert. Aggregate Point Score Awards: 8 years and under – Jake Daniel Andrews, 10 years and under – Megan Eddelbuttel, 12 years and under – WenYuan LimSchneider, 14 years and under – Jonathan Kosmeier, 16 years and under – Elliot Kozary, 17 years and over – Gerard Nicholls. The Denva Bird Memorial Award – Mitchell Brown, Canteen Scholarship towards Tuition – Antonia Amato, Smile Scholarships: Gerard Nicholls and Elliot Kozary.