Lee McIntosh shares her best fungi photos


Lee McIntosh from Kempsey describes herself as a ‘lazy fungi fanatic’ but judging by all these incredible photos we’re not too sure.

She says her interest in the organism began while she was living on a property at Nulla Nulla.

“I'd often go walking and one day I came across the red Lacey Fungi. I hadn't seen anything like it before, so delicate and amazing – how wonderful and weird.” 

That was years ago and now she regularly walks with a group of friends and goes camping on multi-day hikes in the national parks and state forests of the Mid North Coast.

“Luckily leeches do not bother me as this is included in my passion.”

Fungi fanatic Lee McIntosh

“This is where I find all of nature’s treasure – fungi with colours beyond belief, shapes and sizes – some hidden, others in full view.”

She can often be found crouching down in the dirt or leaf litter photographing the array of specimens.

“Luckily leeches do not bother me as this is included in my passion.”

She also free camps while travelling to Melbourne or the Gold Coast Hinterland to visit family and, as she explains: “my fungi radar is always on.”

“Cradle Mountain in Tasmania is another gift if you love fungi, it's like you are in another world and there is an incredible variety. I do love being outdoors and I'm truly grateful for what Mother Nature surprises me with.”

She says she is a lazy fungi fanatic as she rarely identifies the photos she takes but adds:

“Maybe I can do this on some cold rainy day or maybe not because I'd be out camping somewhere taking more pictures....hhhmmm.”