Junior sport coverage to get a revamp in the Manning River Times

Cooper Seckhold on the charge for Red Rovers in a Group Three Junior Rugby League game played in 2015.
Cooper Seckhold on the charge for Red Rovers in a Group Three Junior Rugby League game played in 2015.

JUNIOR sport coverage in the Manning River Times will be revolutionised from Monday, May 1.

The Times will have a dedicated section on our website for the promotion of junior sport. This is open to all junior sporting clubs and groups. There will be no cost.

However, we will need input from all sporting clubs to ensure we have maximum coverage. We will publish match reports supplied by the clubs in a similar manner to those featured in the Times for many years. Unlike the print coverage there will be no restrictions on space while we won’t need as tight a deadline.

Our photographer, Scott Calvin, will be attending junior sport fixtures each weekend and his work will feature heavily in our coverage. Clubs or individuals can also submit photos.

The majority of submitted reports won’t make our print editions. However, this is a golden opportunity for clubs to promote their sport and their players. All we ask is that submissions be sent to mick.mcdonald@fairfaxmedia.com.au by 1pm on Monday. We ask that individual match reports be restricted to 150 words and submitted by e-mail. We require the player’s full names, as has always been the case with match reports or previews that appear in the Times.

Junior sport will be found under sport at www.manningrivertimes.com.au

“The Times is the first paper on the North Coast to devote a complete section to junior sport,’’ Times editor Toni Bell said.

“We’re excited about the possibilities, both for the Times and for our junior sporting clubs. But stress we need the cooperation of clubs to ensure this promotion is the success it deserves to be.’’

Junior sport coverage has been strongly supported by the Times for many years.

“Now we want to take our coverage into the digital age,’’ Mrs Bell said.

Mrs Bell stressed the coverage will be for summer and winter sports.

The majority of winter junior sport is now in recess due to school holidays.

“Our new online coverage will start as soon as the kids are back on the field,’’ she added.

Junior sport clubs have been contacted with information on the revamped coverage.