Purple poppies to honour animals that died serving along with their humans

Purple poppies for honour animal “diggers”

Poppy project: If you would like to participate by making a purple poppy or two, why not make one for yourself also and wear it this Anzac Day to honour those animal “diggers”.

Poppy project: If you would like to participate by making a purple poppy or two, why not make one for yourself also and wear it this Anzac Day to honour those animal “diggers”.

This year there is quite a few projects happening to honour all animals that have died, serving along with their humans. 

In World War I, more than nine million animals died, including many thousands of Australian war horses, mules, donkeys, pigeons, dogs and cats (serving as ships’ cats). 

Not one Australian animal was returned to Australia at that time due to quarantine restrictions.

The Australian Animal War Memorial organisation advises purple poppies honour animals in war, particularly remembering those that died during conflict. Most people are aware of the red poppy, traditionally worn to mark Armistice Day of November 11, 1918, but few know of the white poppy which represents peace and the purple poppy aforementioned.

Sisters, Yvonne Bentley and Jenny Fisher, who coordinated the 2015 Old Bar poppy project, are again organising this year's purple poppy project. Their aim is to obtain enough knitted or crochet poppies to make two wreaths, one for each cenotaph/memorial at Old Bar.  

Old Bar CTC is again partnering with this project, as they did in 2015, handing out patterns and as a collection agent for the poppies.

Of interest is that on July 21, 2017 Australia’s first official war animal memorial will be opened in Pozieres, France. If we have an overflow of poppies we will send them to an Australian address (South Toowoomba, Queensland)  and they will be taken to Pozieres and displayed at the ceremony. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Old Bar represented there? 

If you would like to participate by making a purple poppy or two, why not make one for yourself also and wear it this Anzac Day to honour those animal “diggers”.  You can also wear the purple poppy alongside the red poppy.

Patterns are available from Old Bar CTC (opposite Vinnies) Old Bar Road, Old Bar.  The patterns are the same as used for the 2015 Old Bar Poppy Project. Completed poppies can be dropped in at the CTC.

Positive MidCoast Council update

Unlike some previous forums, the mood was positive and the audience was able to appreciate the achievements and amount of work done over the last 10 months.

Some of the highlights were:

  • Double the annual savings estimated by KPMG on the merger have been achieved thus far.
  • There are many milestones and requirements of the Dept Premier and Cabinet.
  • A MidCoast identity is yet to be decided
  • The general manager, MidCoast Water, has identified further savings possible if MidCoast Water becomes part of Council.
  • There is still a shortfall of $5m - $6m in capacity to fund renewals.
  • $30m is being allocated to roads and bridges.
  • Explanation as to why roads in relatively good condition are resealed.
  • Advice that the emergency services levy will appear on our rate notices shortly but this has no effect on council's finances; it is just a collection agent for a state government tax.
  • The majority of staff are now permanently in place.

To find out more about MidCoast Council or to have your say on any relevant topic, visit the website.

Craft at Old Bar

Only two more craft days this term. Wednesday, March 29 sees us learning to make a welcome gift for many. Getting older can make it hard to tackle even simple things, but Annette will show us how we can help the elderly enjoy a game of cards using her easy to make card-holder.

Bring two CDs, felt squares and matching embroidery cotton. These card-holders will also be very beneficial to those suffering from arthritis in their hands whatever their age.

Wanting more information? Please ring 6553 2500 or 0415 785 608.  All ladies are welcome. 

Ocean Rhythms at the Beach

This annual event at Old Bar is a major happening organised by the Old Bar Beach Festival. This Saturday, March 25 from 11am to 10pm, you can be entertained by Tash Sultana, Caravãna Sun, The Morrisons, Swamp Stompers, Rambutan Jam band, RUIINS, Mitch King, Harry's Lookout, and James Thomson.

It is held in the park near the beach and ticket numbers are limited. Tickets available from Moshtix now and selling fast.

Very Happy Valley shoppers

The Community Transport monthly shopper's bus service made its first run to Port Macquarie last Thursday, to Settlement City.

Sixteen residents of Old Bar took advantage of the service and had a wonderful time. Allowing room for parcels, this is about the limit for numbers.

The next run will be to Forster on April 20. If you wish to go, ring the Wingham office before 1pm Tuesday, April 18, phone 6553 5860. The cost will be $10.