Letter: Against Rocky Hill open cut mine

Clearly to have an open cut mine so close to a residential community, livestock and food production - and in a wind corridor - is enough to raise alarm bells for the danger of dust pollution and the lung, eye and general health challenges that arise from wind-blown pollution.

As well as the health challenges, comes the emotional and psychological health issues associated with noise pollution as the explosions needed to break up the earth and the big trucks cart dirt out and water in, at times when people are trying to refresh themselves sleeping, at night and early morning.

Clearly, as the appointed manager of the MidCoast Council, Mr John Turner, has pointed out with the coal seam gas mining, the Gloucester valley is the wrong place for mining, and I would assume this would include open-cut mining. 

“Not in Our backyard.” This area is vital for tourism and quality food production, close to city markets. Nothing should deter that impact on the local people who have for many years focused on the beauty and importance of our natural treasures and sustainability that people from other parts, overseas and nationally, are keen to experience mentally, physically and spiritually (and financially) for themselves, their children and grandchildren.  

There are many other reasons why energy production in Australia could/should  become more innovative.

June Mills