An ‘all-star’ performance

Hallidays Point’s Rosie White has certainly made the most of her time taking to the field with the Manning under 16s futsal team.

At the Australian futsal championships in Liverpool in January, Rosie was awarded the Golden Boot award for scoring 17 goals in the event. This was the most for the under 16s girls division.

'All-star': This week's winner of Sportstar of the week, Rosie White, with Vanessa Gibson from award sponsor, Iguana.

'All-star': This week's winner of Sportstar of the week, Rosie White, with Vanessa Gibson from award sponsor, Iguana.

To add to this accolade, the 16 year old was chosen as one of five “all-stars” for the division.

Manning Fustal’s Cheryl Forbes said this was an outstanding achievement for a player from a regional team.

In action for St. Clare's.

In action for St. Clare's.

Rosie doesn’t see her achievements as the important part of competition.

“I guess it was just really fun with the whole team.

“I think that the best part was just being their with friends.

“I think if it was more competitive it would be less fun,” Rosie said.

Rosie found playing against teams from across Australia was a highlight of the event.

“It was really interesting to see teams from the Northern Territory where futsal is their whole lives.

“They were really competitive and had a straight set that would start and never have a game off,” Rosie said.

Despite losing to Queensland Gold in the final 7-0, Rosie was pleased with the team’s performance.

“We’ve been going every year since Year 7 and never won a game,” Rosie said.

The team withstood solid competition, including a hard fought 3-2 win over Central Coast in the semi-final. She credits her teammates and coaching staff for helping her excel at the event.

“I want to thank all my teammates and coaches.

“I wouldn’t have got the Golden Boot without their support.

“It was a team effort and it’s a team trophy,” Rosie said.

She has been competing in futsal for five years that was capped off in 2014 with a trip to Barcelona, Spain.

“It was really good playing on the beach with all the locals,” Rosie said.

She even found time to watch Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo play.

With her Year 11 studies underway, Rosie will be unable to make a trip to Spain and the United Kingdom this year.

“I’m just going to keep playing for the club on Friday nights,” Rosie said.

Rosie also is a regular participant in netball.