Determined to honour Hannah

THE roadside memorial to Hannah McMurtrie is "more beautiful than ever," after her family spent a wet weekend rebuilding the site after vandals destroyed it for the third time.

Hannah was 19 when she died in a car accident at Killawarra on Gloucester Road in March 2013.

For the past three years family and friends have lovingly adorned the roadside memorial with gifts and mementos and visit regularly.

"It is part of how we honour Hannah," explained her mum Diane McMurtrie.

But on Friday, April 22 the family were devastated to learn vandals had visited once again.

"This is third time we have been forced to undergo such intense grief and pain. Just as you feel your able to move your feet slowly forward, we are forced back to face this overwhelming grief again," said Diane.

The recent vandalism was discovered by a family friend when she drove to Mount George.

The impact on the McMurtries was profound.

"It took us back to that very point we lost Hannah," explained Diane.

"We just feel a great sense of loss."

The family visited the site after hearing of the damage and said it was heart wrenching to see.

Yet despite the devastating impact, the McMurtries vowed to restore the site.

"We will continue to honour Hannah every day," said Diane.

This story Determined to honour Hannah first appeared on Wingham Chronicle.