Community assured of high level of care

HUNTER New England Local Health District yesterday sought to "reassure the community about the high level of care provided by Manning Hospital."

Director of operations, Todd McEwan stated that "I would like to pass on my sincerest apologies and deepest sympathies to the patient involved and her family. Due to patient privacy, we are unable to comment on the clinical specifics of this case".

"I understand it was this case that prompted the general manager of Manning Hospital to send the memo to staff. I am very disappointed with the language used in the memo, which was not written in a way that aligns with the culture and values of our organisation. I am addressing this internally," he said.

"Following a process of review and information gathering, the Root Cause Analysis report was completed by Hunter New England Health and submitted to NSW Health in April.

"It made three recommendations. Recommendations one and two have been implemented, and the third, which focuses on improving the collaborative model of care, is currently being implemented.

"In June, Dr Henry Murray met with the Manning Maternity Services team and an action plan was created to develop a collaborative model of care and further guidelines. Work is continuing on this with the recommendation due to be completely actioned by April of next year.

"Since the memo was tabled at the budget estimates hearing, we have spoken extensively with the NSW Ministry of Health and the office of the Minister for Health.

"I would like to take this opportunity to reassure the community about the high level of care provided by Manning Hospital. Our midwives, nurses and doctors work incredibly hard to provide a quality and safe service for the region," Mr McEwan added.