Manning BMX riders make State round finals

TWENTY one Manning Valley BMX riders made finals from the State round held at the Urara Lane track.

A total of 43 locals were involved in the day. A further 25 made quarter-finals and semi-finals.

In all the club received 683 entries - this equates to 609 riders from throughout the State.

The technical Taree track bought some riders to grief, with one taken to hospital by ambulance. However, a Manning BMX club spokesman described the day as successful.

Three Manning riders, Will Moran, Sonny Easter and Jessica Robinson, finished first in their finals. Oliver Moran was second, with Natasha Robinson and Aaron Single third.

Other results from Manning riders were: Jayden Chambers (4th), Jimmy Michaelides (4th), Luke McGilvray (5th), Levi Moran (5th), Harrison Chambers (6th), Ashley Nicholson (6th), Bruce Ritter (6th), John Wright (7th), Jack Skelton (7th).

Cruiser division results: Natasha Robinson (3rd), Ashley Nicholson (3rd), Julie Single (4th), Malcolm Smith (4th), Martin Chambers (5th).

Manning sprockets riders who competed were Jet McQuillan-McConville, Ty L'Hullier, Oran Shephard, Thoren Openshaw, Harrison Golledge, Hayne Dawson and Nate George.

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